On the Day of the Mammogram

If you are still having menstrual periods, you may want to have your mammogram performed within two weeks after your menstrual period ends. The procedure will be more comfortable, especially if your breasts become tender during this time.

How will I know about my results?

A radiologist will interpret your mammogram after you leave. Results will be forwarded to your physician and will generally be available from your doctor after 3 to 5 working days. Comparison to prior mammograms is important for accurate results. If you had previous mammograms done at another facility, your report may be delayed until your prior films become available.

Does Our Mission In Motion perform diagnostic mammograms and/or ultrasounds?

No.  Our Mission In Motion only offers screening mammograms at this time.  If you need additional testing you will be referred to a Saint Thomas Imaging facility or a facility in your area.

Where can I pick up my mobile mammography films if I need further testing?

If you need a diagnostic mammogram and are referred to a facility outside of the STH Imaging Network, you will need to call Premier Radiology @ 615-356-3999 and ask for the mammography department to have your films mailed to the facility.  You can also pick up your films @ Premier Radiology, 28 White Bridge Rd, Suite 111, Nashville, TN  37205.